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Moving Abroad

Moving abroad? Border Removals dedicated International Removals Division are experts in helping clients move abroad throughout the world. Our specialist international relocation team has a rich and deep knowledge of the most common destinations and the globe's farthest corners - it’s no wonder hundreds of people each year turn to us to help them move their home overseas.

When you contact our Border Removals, you’ll speak to a specialist move consultant who’ll help you plan your move. You won’t need to worry about customs, red tape or the peculiarities of overseas administration, we’ve seen and dealt with it all before.

Whatever you're moving abroad for, whether you’re emigrating, retiring or relocating through work, Border Removals International Division is here to make your move hassle free. The key is careful planning and thorough organisation, every step of the way. From the moment you first make contact with us, our International moving consultants will ensure you receive the very best advice on export packing, shipping options, insurance, any applicable customs regulations, storage and all our other services, to help you make the right decisions based on your needs. We’ll then produce a detailed moving abroad schedule together with you so that you know what’s happening and when.